Factory Deliveries

This page encompasses recent new deliveries from the regional jet and turboprop manufacturers. Under the manufacturer headings the individual aircraft are listed in date order, most recent first.



15436 CRJ-900 EI-FPR YMX-KEF-ARN 29-Sep-2017 for Cityjet

19056 CRJ-1000 EC-MRI YMX-KEF-VLC 28-Sep-2017 for Air Nostrum

15435 CRJ-900 EI-FPP YMX-KEF-DUB 14/15-Sep-2017 for Cityjet

55012 CS300 HB-JCC YMX-ZRH 26-Aug-2017 for Swiss International

55009 CS300 YL-CSG YMX-RIX 09-Aug-2017 for Air Baltic

55008 CS300 YL-CSF YMX-RIX 20-Jul-2017 for Air Baltic

55011 CS300 HB-JCB YMX-ZRH 07-Jul-2017 for Swiss International


17000689 ERJ-170-200LR N752YX SJK-MAO-FLL-CMH 22/23-Sep-2017 for Republic

17000688 ERJ-170-200LR N751YX SJK-MAO-FLL-CMH 22/23-Sep-2017 for Republic

17000684 ERJ-170-200LR N630QX SJK-MAO-FLL-OKC 29/30-Aug-2017 for Horizon

17000683 ERJ-170-200LR N629QX SJK-MAO-FLL-OKC 22/23-Aug-2017 for Horizon

17000682 ERJ-170-200LR N259NN SJK-BEL-FLL-DFW-ABI 26/27-Aug-2017 for American Airlines

17000680  ERJ-170-200LR N628QX SJK-MAO-FLL-OKC 02/03-Aug-2017 for Horizon

17000679  ERJ-170-200LR N627QX SJK-MAO-FLL-OKC 25/26-Jul-2017 for Horizon

17000678  ERJ-170-200STD PH-EXP SJK-REC-SID-FAO-AMS 25/26-Jul-2017 for KLM Cityhopper

17000674 ERJ-170-200LR N257NN SJK-MAO-FLL-ABI 14/15-Jul-2017 for American Airlines

17000675 ERJ-170-200LR N258NN SJK-MAO-FLL-ABI 14/15-Jul-2017 for American Airlines

17000676 ERJ-170-200LR N747YX SJK-MAO-FLL-CMH 14/15-Jul-2017 for Republic

17000677 ERJ-170-200LR N748YX SJK-MAO-FLL-CMH 14/15-Jul-2017 for Republic



1414 ATR-72-212A (600) EP-ITE TLS-ATH-THR 27/28-Sep-2017 for Iran Air

1431 ATR-72-212A (600) EP-ITF TLS-ATH-THR 27/28-Sep-2017 for Iran Air

1218 ATR-42-500 (600) JA02JC TLS-HER-SSH-> 23/24-Sep-2017 for JAC

1450 ATR-72-212A (600) OY-YCG TLS-BLL 22-Sep-2017 for Nordic Aviation Capital

1448 ATR-72-212A (600) G-IACY TLS-HUY 25-Sep-2017 for Eastern Airways

1451 ATR-72-212A (600) ZK-MVQ TLS-TZX-AAN-NAG-SZB-DPS-DRW-BNE-CHC for Mount Cook

1440 ATR-72-212A (600) OY-YCD TLS-BLL 18-Aug-2017 for Nordic Aviation Capital

1427 ATR-72-212A (600) VT-RKF TLS-TZX-MCT-DEL 11/13-Aug-2017 for Alliance Air

1426 ATR-72-212A (600) PK-WHW TLS-PFO-AZI 08/09-Aug-2017 for Wings Abadi

1442 ATR-72-212A (600) PK-WHY TLS-PFO-AZI 05/06-Aug-2017 for Wings Abadi

1444 ATR-72-212A (600) ZK-MVP TLS-HBE-AAN-NAG-SZB-DPS-DRW-BNE-CHC 29-Jul/03-Aug-2017

1213 ATR-42-500 (600) OY-YCC TLS-BLL 21-Jul-2017 for Nordic Aviation Capital

1421 ATR-72-212A (600) VT-RKE TLS-PFO-MCT-DEL 10/13-Jul-2017 for Alliance Air


4566 DHC-8-402 RP-C5903 YZD-YYR-REK 29-Sep-2017 for PAL

4565 DHC-8-402 C-FVDC YZD-YYR-REK-BHX-MLA-LXR 23/24-Sep for ANA Wings

4564 DHC-8-402 RP-C5902 YZD-YYR-REK-LBG-MLA-LXR-> 03/04-Sep-2017 for PAL

4562 DHC-8-402 LX-LQJ YZD-YYR-REK-LUX for Luxair

4561 DHC-8-402 RP-C5901 YZD-YYR-KEF-LBG-MLA-LXR for PAL


208B-5294 208B N71387 ICT-EDN-ZPH 27-Sep-2017 for Africair

208B-5350 208B N703TA ICT-TMB-PLS-SBH 24-Aug/03-Sep-2017

208B-5366 208B N825FT ICT-YQA 09-Aug-2017


1198 TBM-930 N930ZB LDE-GLA-KEF-YFB-YWG-GTF 26/28-Sep-2017

1197 TBM-930 N82MA LDE-BFS-REK-UAK-YYR-BGR-IAG-MIE 22/24-Sep-2017

1195 TBM-930 N930GE LDE-PIK-KEF-YYR-BGR-FLD 18/20-Sep-2017

1192 TBM-910 N910WB LDE-PIK-REK-GOH-YYR-BGR-GON 05/07-Sep-2017

1194 TBM-910 N910ZA LDE-GLA-KEF-YFB-BGR-AVP-ADS 25/28-Aug-2017

1191 TBM-930 N930YD LDE-BFS-REK-YFB-BGR-3TR-CNY-CMA 25/28-Aug-2017

1185 TBM-930 N930KF LDE-BFS-REK-UAK-BGR-PMP 04/05-Aug-2017

1189 TBM-930 N930FT LDE-BFS-REK-UAK-YYR-BGR-ILM-PMP 19/21-Jul-2017

1190 TBM-910 N910CW LDE-BFS-REK-UAK-YYR-BGR-PDK 19/21-Jul-2017


1743 PC-12/47E HB-FQF LSZC-PIK-REK-YFB-YQT-BJC 26/28-Sep-2017

1736 PC-12/47E HB-FSY LSZC-PIK-REK-YFB-YQT-BJC 26/28-Sep-2017

1012 PC-6/B2-H4 N488WY LSZC-PIK-REK-GOH-YFB-YMO-YYU-YQT-BJC 21/25-Sep-2017

1733 PC-12/47E HB-FSV LSZC-PIK-REK-YFB-YQT-BJC 18/21-Sep-2017

1732 PC-12/47E HB-FSU LSZC-PIK-REK-YFB-YQT-BJC 15/17-Sep-2017

1737 PC-12/47E HB-FSZ LSZC-PIK-REK-YFB-YQT-BJC 28/29-Aug-2017

1734 PC-12/47E HB-FSW LSZC-PIK-REK-YFB-YQT-BJC 21/22-Aug-2017

1730 PC-12/47E HB-FSS LSZC-PIK-REK-YFB-YQT-BJC 22/23-Aug-2017

1726 PC-12/47E HB-FSO LSZC-PIK-REK-YFB-YQT-BJC 16/17-Aug-2017

1729 PC-12/47E HB-FSR LSZC-PIK-REK-YFB-YQT-BJC 14/16-Aug-2017

1721 PC-12/47E HB-FSJ LSZC-PIK-REK-UAK-YYR-PSM 21/22-Jul-2017

1724 PC-12/47E HB-FSM LSZC-PIK-REK-SFJ-YFB-YQT-BJC 20/22-Jul-2017