Regional Jet & Turboprop Update for 24-Aug-2017



7384 - CL600-2B19 (200LR) D-AGRA Pro Air Charter Transport GmbH, Filderstadt

Noted at Vienna 22-Aug-2017 with Global Reach Aviation titles.

7466 - CL600-2B19 (200ER) LV-GIJ Flyest, Buenos Aires

Flew Buenos Aires-Newbery - ? - Sal - Valencia 20/23-Aug-2017 returning to Air Nostrum.

7572 - CL600-2B19 (200ER) C-FURC Avmax Aircraft Leasing Inc., Calgary, AB

Registration cancelled 22-Aug-2017 to Paraguay. This aircraft had been returned to Avmax by USky of South Korea on 31-May-2017. It was delivered Calgary-Int'l, AB - Houston-Hobby, TX - Panama City 04-Aug-2017.

10015 - CL600-2C10 (700) N227AG EIC Aircraft Leasing, Winnipeg, MB

Registered to Bank of Utah Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT 23-Aug-2017. As noted in the entry for 18-Jul-2017, the aircraft has been parked at Bangor, ME since at least Jun-2017.


China Sonangol EMB-135BJ VQ-BFP is noted at Lanseria on the 22nd with thanks to Omer Mees.

14501049 EMB-135BJ VQ-BFP Lanseria 22-Aug-2017 Omer Mees Photo



567 - ATR-72-212A OY-YBL Nordic Aviation Capital, Billund

Restored to register Aug-2017.

1399 - ATR-72-212A (600) 9M-LMY Batik Air Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Flew Toulouse-Blagnac - Paphos - Abu Dhabi-Al Bateen 24-Aug-2017

1420 - ATR-72-212A (600) 9M-LMZ Batik Air Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Flew Toulouse-Blagnac - Paphos - Abu Dhabi-Al Bateen 24-Aug-2017


BB-689 - King Air 200 N364EA Pollard Aircraft Sales Inc., Fort Worth, TX

Registration cancelled 22-Aug-2017 and imported to Canada 23-Aug-2017. Flew Fort Worth-Meacham, TX - Winnipeg-Int'l, MB 22-Aug-2017.

BB-1511 - King Air B200 N58AY A.Y. McDonald Industries Inc., Dubuque, IA

Registered to Porter Leasing LLC, Andrews, TX 22-Aug-2017.

BL-40 - King Air B200C N250NC IAL Corp., Wilmington, DE

Registered to Ingproyet Aviation LLC, Opa-locka, FL 23-Aug-2017.

FA-79 - King Air 300 N9GS Caribbean Seahorse Investments LLC, Bossier City, LA

Registered to Meisner Aircraft Inc., Burlington, WI 22-Aug-2017.

FL-12 - King Air B300 (350) N5655K Aviation Enterprises Inc., Wilmington, DE

Registered to Brenda R. Grasso, Chattanooga, TN 23-Aug-2017.

FL-1096 - King Air B300 (350) N196KF Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Registered to Tudor Leasing LLC, Hemlock, MI 23-Aug-2017. Flew Wichita-Beech, KS - Saginaw, MI 10-Aug-2017 on delivery.

Mesiglo Pty Ltd. Beech 1900D ZS-SYK is seen below at Lanseria with thanks to Omer Mees.

UE-284 Beech 1900D ZS-SYK Lanseria 22-Aug-2017 Omer Mees Photo


4560 - DHC-8-402 C-GWUE Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Flight planned for delivery Toronto-Downsview, ON - Toronto-Pearson, ON 24-Aug-2017 to Westjet Encore.

4563 - DHC-8-402 C-GDEW Bombardier Inc., Montreal, QC

Test flown from Toronto-Downsview, ON 23-Aug-2017


A currently unidentified Grand Caravan ZS-LVH is seen below at Lanseria, with thanks to Omer Mees.

MSN ? - Cessna 208B Grand Caravan ZS-LVH Lanseria 22-Aug-2017 Omer Mees Photo


149 - TBM-700 N800GS HNP Air LLC, State College, PA

Registered to Tacey Acquisitions LLC, Concord, MA 23-Aug-2017.

533 - TBM-700 (850) N173TM TS72 Management LLC, Manhattan Beach, CA

Registered to Avex Inc., Camarillo, CA 23-Aug-2017.

1176 - TBM-700 (930) N930J Cutter Southwest Aircraft Sales LLC, Phoenix, AZ

Registered to James Lee Earslet, Lubbock, TX 23-Aug-2017.

1177 - TBM-700 (930) N930XD AVEX Inc., Camarillo, CA

Registered to TS72 Management LLC, Manhattan Beach, CA 23-Aug-2017.


3062 - Do328-110 G-BYMK Loganair Ltd., Glasgow

Flew Dundee - Keflavík - Narsarssuaq - Goose Bay, NL - Bangor, ME 23/24-Aug-2017.

The Botswana Defence Force Do328 is currently undergoing a heavy check at RUAG Aviation in Bern/Belp. It is seen there below with thanks to Daniel Schicklin.

MSN 3083 - Do328-110 OB2 Bern/Belp Aug-2017 Daniel Schicklin Photo


20159 - Fokker F27-050 OO-VLQ VLM Airlines, Antwerp

Flew Saarbrücken - Antwerp 16-Aug-2017 following maintenance.


1713 - Pilatus PC-12/47E N713PE Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd., Broomfield, CO

Registered to Epps Air Service Inc., Atlanta, GA 23-Aug-2017. Flew Denver-Rocky Mountain, CO - Beatrice, NE - Atlanta-Peachtree, GA 21-Aug-2017 on delivery.

PC-12 ZS-GMC is seen below at Lanseria a couple days ago, with thanks to Omer Mees.

797 - Pilatus PC-12/47 ZS-GMC Lanseria 22-Aug-2017 Omer Mees Photo


100-0227 Kodiak 100 N160Z Quest Aircraft Company LLC, Sandpoint, ID

Registered 23-Aug-2017.


SAAB 2000 G-LGNO is seen below in partial new Loganair livery, while SAAB 340B G-LGNF carries the completed version. Both photos with thanks to Ronnie Robertson.

2000-013 SAAB 2000 G-LGNO Sumburgh 21-Aug-2017 Ronnie Robertson Photo

340B-192 SAAB 340B G-LGNF Sumburgh 23-Aug-2017 Ronnie Robertson Photo