Regional Jet & Turboprop Update for 31-Aug-2017

63 - DHC-7-103 C-GCEV Tli Cho Air Johnson Point, Banks Island NT Sep-2015



15435 - CL600-2D24 (900) C-.... Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Test flown from Montréal-Mirabel, QC 30-Aug-2017 as CDR935.

7750 - CRJ-200LR N941SW Las Vegas NV 10-Feb-2012 Eddie Maloney Photo


145221 - EMB-145LR N264SK Air Transport Group Private Equity Inc., Snellville, GA

Registered 29-Aug-2017.



669 - ATR-42-500 D4-CBV TACV Cabo Verde, Praia

Noted at Sal 29-Aug-2017 now registered as 2-DCBV in preparation for delivery to Elix Aviation Capital.

777 - ATR-72-212A (500) 2-SKAD Nordic Aviation Capital, Billund (NAC Aviation 8)

Leased to Pelita Air Services 30-Aug-2017.

911 - ATR-72-212A (500) OY-YBH Nordic Aviation Capital, Billund

Reserved as EC-MSM Aug-2017.

918 - ATR-72-212A (500) OY-YBI Nordic Aviation Capital, Billund

Reserved as EC-MSN Aug-2017.

1360 - ATR-72-212A (600) F-WTDB ATR-GIE Avions de Transport Régional, Toulouse

Noted at Toulouse-Francazal 27-Aug-2017 in full Azul Uruguay c/s


BB-911 - King Air B200 N265EJ Oshman Aviation Group LLC, Fort Worth, TX

Registered to Ascend Aviation LLC, Santa Fe, NM 30-Aug-2017. Flew Fort Worth-Meacham, TX - Santa Fe, NM 18-Aug-2017 on delivery.

BY-278 - King Air B200GT (250) G-IASB IAS Medical Ltd., Darlington

Registered 08-Aug-2017.

FA-103 - King Air 300 N827DL Ventana Associates LLC, Spreckels, CA

Registered to GA Ventures LLC, Jeanrette, LA 30-Aug-2017.

FL-88 - King Air B300 (350) N1525C Cretex Companies Inc., Elk River, MN

Registered to Mohawk Northeast Inc., Plantsville, CT 29-Aug-2017.

FL-168 - King Air B300 (350) N17WC West Coast Aircraft Shares LLC, Santa Ana, CA

Registered to AJL Air LLC, Santa Ana, CA 29-Aug-2017.

BB-855 Beech 200 N199MH

BB-1412 Beech B200 P2-SWZ South West Air


38 - DHC-8-102 C-FASC Worldwide Aircraft Ferrying Ltd., Mississauga, ON

Registration cancelled 29-Aug-2017 to ZS-

243 - DHC-8-106 C-FGCP Inter-Aero Inc., Arnprior, ON

Registered to Crono Jet Inc., Québec City, QC 29-Aug-2017.

243 - DHC-8-106 C-FGCP Québec City QC 27-Aug-2017 Anton van Ruiten Photo

4564 - DHC-8-402 C-FUOF Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Registration cancelled 29-Aug-2017 to RP-


863 - BAe3212 Jetstream 32 C-FIBA Exact Air Inc., St-Honoré, QC

Registration cancelled 30-Aug-2017 to Honduras. Flew Chicoutimi, QC - Richmond, VA - Fort Myers, FL - La Ceiba 28/29-Aug-2017 on delivery to LANHSA.


208B-0404 - 208B Super Cargomaster N1031P Avion Capital Corp., Anchorage, AK

Registered to Martinaire Aviation LLC, Addison, TX 29-Aug-2017.

208B-1301 Cessna 208B C-GZFI Cookstown, ON 26-Aug-2017 K.I. Swartz/Aeromedia Communications Photo

208B-2057 Cessna 208B N2057 

208-00155 Cessna 208 HK-3522


479 - TBM-700 (850) N850GG Transatlantic Deliveries Trust, Wilmington, DE

Registered 29-Aug-2017.

483 - TBM-700 (850) N23MY Craig Edward Ellingson, Clive, IA

Registered to DMFS Aircraft Sales LLC, Des Moines, IA 29-Aug-2017.


3688 - C-130M Hercules N307SA Development Aircraft Leasing LLC, Columbus, OH

Registered to Global Aeroleasing LLC, Miami, FL 30-Aug-2017.


107 - PC-12/45 N207ST Skytech Inc., Westminster, MD

Registered to Two Bells Aviation LLC, Rockville, MD 29-Aug-2017.

738 - PC-12/47 N254DF Four Freedom LLC, Jersey Village, TX

Registered to Tempus Aircraft Sales & Services, Englewood, CO 29-Aug-2017. Flew Houston-Executive, TX - Denver-Centennial, CO 07-Aug-2017.

1696 - PC-12/47E N696NG Tempus Aircraft Sales & Service, Englewood, CO

Registered to Four Freedom LLC, Houston, TX 29-Aug-2017. Flew Denver-Centennial, CO - Houston-Executive, TX 16-Aug-2017 on delivery.


100-0138 Kodiak 100 N500KQ Abbotsford, BC 10-Aug-2017 K.I. Swartz/Aeromedia Communications Photo