Regional Jet and Turboprop Update for 13-Oct-2017

With the recent changes to Aviation Letter, keeping up with the light turboprops has become a bit more difficult for readers. Accordingly, I have reinstated some types, and also added a couple as well.

46-97161 PA-46-500TP N5365D Mesa AZ 30-May-2017 Jarrod Wilkening Photo



7553 - CL600-2B19 (200ER) C-GJZJ Voyageur Airways Ltd., North Bay, ON

Updating entry for 02-Oct-2017; aircraft continues to fly daily shuttle operations between Curaçao and Sint Maarten supporting humanitarian efforts.

15437 - CL600-2D24 (900LR) EI-FPS Cityjet Dublin (Cityjet Designated Activity)

Flew Montréal-Mirabel, QC - Keflavík - Copenhagen 13-Oct-2017 on delivery, for operation on behalf of Scandinavian.


17000021 - ERJ-170-100SU (170SU) N808MD GECAS (WFBNW)

Registration cancelled 12-Oct-2017 to Bermuda for S7 Airlines.

17000033 - ERJ-170-100SU (170SU) N814MD GECAS (WFBNW)

Registration cancelled 10-Oct-2017 to Bermuda for S7 Airlines.



402-1117 - AT-402 N402J Aurora Cooperative Elevator Company (Wilmington Trust NA)

To Farm Air Inc., Astoria, IL 15-Sep-2017 and registered 06-Oct-2017.

502A-3089 - AT-502A N208LA Lane Aviation Inc., Rosenberg, TX

Registration cancelled 29-Aug-2017 to Canada; registered to Westman Aerial Spraying Ltd., Brandon, MB 18-Sep-2017 as C-GJON.

504-4033 - AT-504 C-GFPL Forest Protection Ltd., Fredericton, NB

Registered 06-Oct-2017.

602-1235 - AT-602 N30562 Nicks Flying Service Inc., Rolling Fork, MS

Registered to Lane Aviation Inc., Rosenberg, TX 06-Oct-2017.

602-1288 - AT-602 N602YA Air Tractor Inc., Olney, TX

Registered to Yuma Ag Service Inc., Yuma, CO 06-Oct-2017.

802A-0315 - AT-802A N802N Timothy J. Hauder, Drake, CO

Registered to S & H Aviation LLC, Tekamah, NE 12-Oct-2017.

802A-0439 - AT-802A N20607 Precision Air LLC, Tillar, AR

Registered to Frost Flying Inc., Marianna, AR 12-Oct-2017.


419 - ATR-72-202 HB-AFW ASL Airlines (Switzerland), Bottmingen

Flew Geneva - Shannon 13-Oct-2017 prior to transfer to ASL Airlines Ireland as EI-SLZ


LA-110 - King Air F90 N414RT Air Shares LLC, Springfield, MO

Registered to C & M Aviation LLC, Oxford, MS 12-Oct-2017.

LJ-710 - King Air C90 N710WE Planemarketing LLC, Vero Beach, FL

Registered 12-Oct-2017.

LJ-1438 - King Air C90A N389AS Global Parts Inc., Augusta, KS

Registered to TVPX Aircraft Solutions Trustee, North Salt Lake City, UT 12-Oct-2017.

FL-946 - King Air B300 (350) N50446 Bank of Utah Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT

Has become HL5240; aircraft was delivered across the North Pacific 26/29-Aug-2017 on delivery.


4020 - DHC-8-402 2-CAUM Aerocentury Corp., Burlingame, CA

Assigned US registration N74WA 12-Oct-2017; aircraft was delivered to Stuttgart, AR last week, and was previously C9-AUM.

4098 - DHC-8-402 G-JECG Flybe Ltd., Exeter (Bombardier Services)

Flew Shannon - Exeter 12-Oct-2017 following repaint into all white c/s.

4339 - DHC-8-402 N685WP Nordic Aviation Capital, Billund

Flew Muskoka, ON - Toronto-Pearson, ON following repaint into all white c/s. ex Island Air Hawaii.


208B-2048 - Grand Caravan C-GPGV MNRPA Holdings, Smithers, BC

Flew Burns Lake, BC - Prince George, BC - Springbank, AB 01-Oct-2017, registration cancelled 12-Oct-2017 to U.S.A.


12300 - Douglas DC-3C (BT-67) C-GVKB Kenn Borek Air Ltd., Calgary, AB

Flew Calgary-Int'l, AB - Amarillo, TX 13-Oct-2017 en route to Antarctica.


T-291 - SA226T N800LD Genn Air LLC, Willis, TX

Registered to Omar Maalouf, Spring, TX 12-Oct-2017.

TT-512A - SA227TT N788CC Aircraft Guaranty Corp. Trustee, Onalaska, TX

Registered 05-Oct-2017.


20223 - F27-050 5Y-SMO Silverstone Air, Nairobi

Flew Woensdrecht - Heraklion - Khartoum 13/14-Oct-2017 on delivery, ex Air Iceland c/s.


1738 - PC-12/47E HB-FQA Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG, Stans

Flew Buochs - Prestwick - Reykjavík 13-Oct-2017 on delivery as PCH38H.

1740 - PC-12/47E HB-FQC Pilatus Plugzeugwerke AG, Stans

Flew Buochs - Prestwick - Reykjavík 13-Oct-2017 on delivery as PCH740.


31T-7920092 - PA-31T N108NL Plantation Holdings Ltd., Wilmington, DE

Registered to Jetset Airmotive Inc., Miami, FL 05-Oct-2017.

46-97204 - PA-46-500TP N465TP Signal Hill Realty Company LLC, Cody, WY

Registered to Mountain Holding Inc., Cody, WY 04-Oct-2017.

46-97541 - PA-46-500TP N391SM JSM Realty LLC, Lake City, FL

Registered to Bank of Utah Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT 11-Oct-2017.

46-97571 - PA-46-500TP Lance B. Boxer, Naples, FL

Registered to Columbia Aircraft Sales, Groton, CT 10-Oct-2017.

46-98046 - PA-46-600TP N46FL Piper Aircraft Inc., Vero Beach, FL

Registered to Cutter Southwest Aircraft Sales LLC, Phoenix, AZ 04-Oct-2017.


340B-422 - SAAB 340B N422XJ Aerocentury Corp., Burlingame, CA

Updating entry for 11-Oct-2017; flew Hilo, HI - Apia - Brisbane, QLD - Orange, NSW 12/13-Oct-2017.